5 tips to get prepared before your job interview

Charlie Meek

Charlie Meek

For the last 20 years, Charlie Meek has led creative and brand marketing …


Let’s be honest - interviews are not easy. Wether this be over the phone, a conference call or in person, there are plenty of ways this can become very uncomfortable quickly.


Preparation is everything when it comes to interviews. Being well prepared will not only ensure you increase your chances but will also help you relax. They could also ring you at any time, so being prepared will also mean you are not flustered if you are caught unaware with a call. Being relaxed and confident will then help you connect with the interviewer.

Try writing out lots of interview questions and ask a friend to quiz you. Practice makes perfect and the more times you practice the more any answers will flow. Stumbling on answers can make you look unprepared and a poor communicator.

Here are some of the key areas to consider before the big day:

1. Study the company you are going to work for

Not knowing who you are going to work for and what they stand for is a big turn off for someone interviewing you. If you don’t do the research on the company then they will see this as a big red flag. It shows that you are not that diligent and don’t really have any interest in seeing the company flourish.

What is their history, why do they do what they do? Have a look at some case studies to see what their successes have been. can you name some major clients or key members of staff. Also have a look at any news and PR articles which can help you learn more. Have they landed a big new contract in a sector where you have experience. All this helpful information to hand will help your answers feel unique and well considered and separate you out from your competitors.

2. Customer is king

Understand who the company is selling too and study that customer. What are the pain points for that customer and how does this company solve that issue. Even if your role does not have direct contact with the customer, understanding the full ecosystem will help you prove your value to delivering on the companies end goal. Making money.

3. Know the product

If the company has a specialist product they you need to know everything there is to know about it. Have a look at any collateral online to quiz yourself. Look at reviews and think of how you could make improvements.

Also your enthusiasm for the product will definitely win points with any new employer.

4. Understand the market

Understanding the competitive landscape and who is also making gains is also important. Show them you understand the business problems and also state what the key USP’s might be that separate the company out from their competitors are.

5. The team

Finally, make sure you do some research on who might be interviewing you. Understanding their history will help you understand their experience and what successes they might have had in the past. Perhaps they have worked elsewhere in the industry? Were they involved in a recent product launch?

The team is everything and most companies make a final hiring decision on fit. You will be working with these people on day to day basis so getting on well is a must.